Diversity Brings Space Business Market Expansion
Ms. Misuzu Onuki

The author, Ms. Misuzu Onuki, was an Arts student who graduated from a women's university. What are the activities of the "Sorajo" board, which create new values by incorporating variety of different sets of values to the space business...?

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  • As commercialization of space accelerates, the economic sphere in space is expanding from the Low-Earth Orbit area to deep space.
  • Diversity is also evolving within the space development field.
  • Engagement of everyone in their own way contributes to broadening the base of the space industry and brings innovation.

As commercialization of space accelerates, the economic sphere in space is expanding from the Low-Earth Orbits to deep space. Through mass-production of smaller satellites, a revolution in manufacturing as well as economies of scale are introduced. In addition, 3D printers will trigger manufacturing and assembly in space, leading not only to economic development and utilization of space resources in the area on and around the Moon and asteroids, but also to human exploration of Mars and building human habitats there.

Utilization of space-based information obtained by satellites produces new values through association with a variety of data, while space-related products and services create new markets and expand existing ones. Consequently, it is increasingly becoming essential to security, safety and convenience in everyday life as well as in an improvement in the quality of life. The space business is now accessible to individuals and has reached B2C markets offering various opportunities. As a result, the landscape of the space economy changed dramatically. Some say this is the advent of Space 4.0, while it is recognized by the OECD nations that space development is in the midst of a revolution and innovation.

As the space industry expands in such ways, diversity has become ever more important. This is because emerging space nations have entered into space development using satellites, and more and more countries are involved in space exploitation. As a result, new businesses are being created, more investments are being made, and more jobs are being created. A wealth of ideas, view points, solutions to problem as well as possibilities are offered by new space actors, such as companies newly entered into space development from non-space related industries and space business start-ups as well as new space users. Until now, space development was regarded as the main field for those who studied "STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Maths)," but we are now in the situation where some elements of Arts are also required in the industry, which turns this into the acronym "STEAM".

Within the space development sector, "3G" diversity of Gender, Generation and Geography is also evolving. I was exposed to the environment of "3G" diversity for about 10 years at the International Space University (ISU) when I first became involved in space development. I came across a variety of values through witnessing the effects of diversity and role models before I realized that I didn't have a favorable background in the space development industry, as I had studied Arts and graduated from a women's university. Currently, ISU, which provides around 5,000 graduates from more than 100 countries, in addition to the lecturers from every country in the world, involves a substantial number of people. Because of this experience, my awareness of the global market and synergy between different industries are added to my efforts to expand space economy through space exploitation.

In current space development, it is essential to exploit space in order to contribute to society beyond merely technological development. I hope Sorajo, which came into existence in 2015, gracefully make a efforts to promote diversity within the space industry, to integrate various values in order to create new values, and to facilitate sustainable growth by utilizing its global competitive edge. If everyone can engage in their own way, it will contribute to broadening the base of the space industry and bring innovation. It will give me a great pleasure if Sorajo can provide a platform to contribute to the promotion of diversity.

Japanese Rocket Society, "Sorajo" board, Ms Misuzu Onuki


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